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All work and no play…

January 8, 2007

blog-pics-003.jpg  Over the weekend, we started the drystack ledgestone rock work on our fireplace, and completed up through the hearth and perhaps a foot or two on each side.  After a collapse or two we found that the mortar needed to set before we could go further, so while it was curing, we switched to a more immediately rewarding project – assembling our pool table. 

 With help from a friend, we were able to felt and assemble the table in a Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a few games before calling it a day.   We need some new cues, and ultimately a proper pool table light, but mostly we need lots and lots of practice.   In recent months, we’ve watched two pool themed movies, “Pool Hall Junkies“, and “Shooting Gallery“.   While both movies focus on hustling, and double crossing amongst the hustlers and their backers, ‘Junkies’ was a more enjoyable fare for me.  Christopher Walken played a great role, and his delivery was classic.  He gives the hero a very memorable pep talk in the rest room before the final scene of the film.   By contrast, “Shooting Gallery”, was a darker film, based on a revenge plot.  The plot turns were entertaining, as well as the character actors chosen.  Freddie Prince, Jr played the lead role, opposite Ving Rhames.    Both films feature a lot of jaw dropping shots, and should be entertaining for anyone who has picked up a cue or spent anytime in a pool hall.

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