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Back to work & mental fitness

January 2, 2007

Today,  millions of people return to their jobs and luckily I am one of them.   I had a wonderful holiday with family and friends, and now face the new year certain of my general course, but without any affirmative resolutions.   Like many returning to work, I find that some of my clothes have mysteriously shrunk while hanging in my closet during the course of the holidays.    And so, like many, I plan to focus a bit more on physical fitness this year.  In 2002-2003 I was a regular at a gym, but then work started on the house, and that provided it’s own exercise regimen that proved fairly effective – I lost 15 lbs in the last 60 days of the project.   Alas, it has fully returned.

So, while we focus on our physical fitness, we should also ask ourselves , what are we doing to improve our mental fitness?   In reading one of David Churbuck’s posts on calendars, it struck me thatresearching and writing pieces like that was probably an exercise in mental fitness.  I was left with a mental image of a person’s brain doing virtual bench presses, with each “rep” consisting of a post like this.   While writing works some portions of the brain, other activities would be needed to work other areas.    If I continued with the gym analogy, what other cerebral activities would need to be included in the circuit?   What are the mental equivalents of squats, rowing, lat pulls, bicept curls, etc?


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  1. January 3, 2007 2:53 pm

    Yes! We really do need to exercise our noggin. A friend of mine who was a contractor in Massachusetts fell of a ladder while working on a job site and landed on his head. It took several months to recover and his son told me of his concern over his father’s ability to remember and reason so I pointed him to It is a game that started in Japan and has spread the world over. It measures your current brain age and then provides exercises to make you brain work like a youthful brain.

    I also think that it is important to find things like drawing, Legos, clay, or just reading to challenge your creativity and work all the parts of your brain.


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