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2006 in review

December 29, 2006

This is will be my last post for 2006, and like so many others, I’m indulging in a retrospective.  This year has been a banner year for me, full of highs and lows that have tested my capabilities, forged some deep friendships, launched me into married life, and layed the groundwork for a new career direction.   Let’s recap the top 3:

#3) Blogging and the online community.   In February, I became associated with a project to track customer sentiment based upon blogged discussion about the company I work for.   In July, to become more familiar with the subject matter at hand, I launched this blog, which has become a personal indulgence, a testbed for ideas, and another way to connect to people.   I’ve joined some online communities, both for personal and work related matters and have begun to better understand how the internet can connect people, ideas, and meaningfully serve as a tool to make things happen.

#2) I (We) buil ta house.  In January 2005, the surveyors left us with a collection of flags in the ground that defined the exterior points of the walls.  We connected them with string, transferred the lines to the ground with spray paint and then dug the foundation hole and footings.    What a leap of faith that was for a couple people with only a general understanding of what they were doing, and limited prior experience.  And so it went through 2005.  By  January 2006 we had made progress, and this scene reflects where we were about 1 year ago.  As I look back on this today, it seems so distant.


Jan – March was determined and desperate work to get the first floor walls complete.   April and May saw the 2nd floor wood inner framing rise, along with the roofline.  My original June deadline loomed, and I renegotiated my construction loan and pressed on getting the plumbing, electric rough in work and the concrete slabs poured.  July saw the last of the walls poured, and the windows and doors installed.  By August the stucco work was shaping up the exterior and the tile roof began, and at last the house looked like a credible effort.  September marked another, more costly extension, and tested my personal physical, mental, and emotional limits as well as those of family and close friends who worked desperate hours throughout September to accomplish our Oct 1 deadline for completion

#1) Oct 7th, 2006 I got married in Jamaica.   This event marked the formal start of a new chapter in my life begun, less officially three years earlier.  I rank this as the most significant milestone personally for 2006.  Certainly it was the happiest one.

 So, 2006 has been an eventful year, and I’m up for new challenges in 2007.

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