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A different perspective

December 27, 2006

tree.jpg  Sometimes a different vantage point can offer new insights.   For instance, as we decorated our tree, we wound the lights in  a circular pattern from bottom to top.  Each strand of lights alternated red, orange, green, and blue  in a pattern that when viewed normally, appeared properly random.   When viewed from the top, as in this photo, I noticed that the reds, blues and greens were curiously clumped together.   This effect was probably caused by the set spacing of the bulbs on a repeating pattern, while the diameter of the tree changed as we went from bottom to top.    But, that’s not really the point of the post – it was just to illustrate how things can change when you look at them from a different point of view.

In my last post, I sounded a little cynical, and perhaps I was.  I was coming at Christmas, frankly, rather ass-backwards.   I was feeling lost in the wash of consumerism around Christmas, trying to find a  way to buy my way into the spirit.  As such, I felt some artificial consequence for whether or not I got gifts that people would like, whether I spent enough to let them know I care, etc, etc, etc.   I really couldn’t have been more wrong in my approach and thought.

The spirit of Christmas arrived with family at our home,  and it arrived regardless of what was purchased.   In the end, everyone was happy with their gifts both given and received, and clearly the magic of the season comes from the interaction of the people when they all realize why they have come together with glad hearts and a warm embrace.  


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