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Viral Ice-breaker

December 20, 2006

I don’t do chain letters.  I refuse to succumb to various psychological ploys ranging from the quasi-clever linking a person’s belief in a particular religious figure,  to the utterly ridiculous assertion that if 40 zillion emails are forwarded then Bill Gates will donate a bazillion dollars to < insert your cause here >.  

Today, I got tagged for participation in a chain of sorts that’s spreading by blog, and appears designed to introduce people to one another through their blogroles.   I’ll bite on this one today to be a good sport.   David,  put me on his list of five, which peaked my interest, which rose considerably when I backtracked on David’s blog to where he was invited by Eric Kintz over at HP,  I noted that Eric tagged players at lenovo, and Dell too.   The assumption is that when you list 5 things about yourself that most other people don’t know, and then pick 5 other bloggers to tag (drawing from those that read your blog, else they won’t know they’ve been tagged) you will generate curiosity for them to explore each other’s site, and then perhaps follow the trail back a generation or two to understand the degrees of separation.   There is one wildcard in the mix.

 Things people may not know about me:

 1)  I’ve owned two computer businesses, the first of which was started when I was 18 years old and in school.   The second, when I was 20, was a subchapter S corporation and grew to 12 employees before I joined IBM.

2) I built my own house.  I was the general contractor, and did a lot of the subcontract work including physically placing over 77,000 lbs of concrete forms.  I poured 155 yards of concrete, and placed 6K lbs of steel rebar.  Any first time visitors can read about it in my archives – block and backache I, II, III

3) I learned to Scuba dive in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

4) As a teenager, I was almost arrested by park rangers at the Grand Canyon for throwing rocks from the top.  (later in the day, as I hiked with my group to the bottom and found myself inexorably looking up,  I found out why rock throwing was such a big deal)

 5)  I’ve survived a 152 mph car crash  (actually was slowed down to 137 when I hit the power pole according to skid measurements from the highway patrol)  (I was 26 and thought I was bulletproof – I was half right, walked away without a scratch, can’t say the same for my ‘ 90 Corvette)

Ok – I’ll tag Jim, Mann, and 3 others to be named tomorrow.

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  1. December 22, 2006 12:06 am

    I’m not quite sure how to respond to this one on my own blog which is dedicated to things that center around cars so let me get my toe wet by responding here…

    1) Shortly after I was born one of my two older sisters was intent on killing me when ever she could find an opportunity. She didn’t want to bother to wait until I could walk or speak, but she didn’t give up her quest for a few years.

    2) I hated computers and wished to have nothing to do with them. I avoided them because I was convinced that they were only meant for people with no soul. I managed to do so until 1977 when, desperate for a job, I applied to an IBM branch office in Hamden, CT. Thirty years later…

    3) I excelled in the fine arts. I sketched and drew actively through the early 1980’s. I also was a professional photographer and had ambitions to direct cinemas. I made two in high school and one in college. Movies are still a passion.

    4) In college I was captain and top shooter on the competative rifle team. We competed against Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, to name a few schools. I found the concentration required was a great stress reliever.

    5) I have learned that you can tell anything to a cat and they will never disclose a word, no matter what.

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