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December 7, 2006

When I started blogging in late July, I was just getting my feet wet and felt somewhat intimidated by the complex appearing templates that produce multi-column layouts and lots of “widgets” on the screen for linking to other sites, RSS subscriptions, visit counts, etc, etc.  As a result, I adopted a pretty simple single column format, but now think I’d like to try a multi-column approach, and add more features.

templates.gif   WordPress offers a rapidly growing number of theme templates to select from, and some experimentation will be required to find the one that really does what I want.   For instance, I’d really like to be able to embed a graphic and be able to fill the white space to the right or left of it with text.   Perhaps this requires a multi-column format, or perhaps it just requires some more user experience, some ctrl-code in the text editor.   In any event, this blog is a vehicle for me to learn with, and so it’s time to begin to experiment.   I’d also like to experiment with embedded video as some of my colleagues at work have.

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