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Future Projects

December 1, 2006

directions.jpg   This blog is about things in my life – stuff I’m working on, projects, possessions, philosophy, and relationships that I define myself by.  Expressions of what I’m about.   The banner image is of my house while still under construction, the major project that occupied my time over the last 18 months.   Now that we have moved in things are winding down, and while there are still a lot of finishing details left, I’m able to start thinking about next year and what I should be working on, and what should now occupy this banner space, perhaps symbolic of my focus.

At age 20, I had my own business, and that was largely how I defined myself, by my work.   Since that time, I’ve been employed by a fairly large company, and yet that career is not how I define myself.  I’m not likely to become an executive, I’ll not have a title that people will identify with.   At social events, or during the first follow on sentences of an introduction in a social environment, people soon ask, “So what do you do?”   I laugh nervously, and offer a few general sentences.    It’s not a big secret, but I can’t put what I do neatly in a box and feel good about it.   Other people say, I’m a builder, I’m a fireman, I’m a patent attorney.  What am I?

So, I’ve come round to some focus on what I ought to be doing in 2007.   Firstly, I’d like to renew my career focus at work – choose an established discipline, get on a track to move from being a generalist into something recognizable and more highly valued.    I also feel I need to get into business for myself again, either as a startup, or through an aquisition – something services based, and not related to computer technology in and of itself.   Consider it part insurance policy and part retirement plan.  

I also have multiple unfinished projects that I’ve neglected and need to put some focus on before all my equity literally rusts away.   I also need to build the shop to work on this all in, and which was the original impetus for the whole house building in the first place.   I’ve still got a lot on my plate, and as I tackle each item, I expect to touch upon it here.  

As 2006 winds down, we can look back on all we’ve done.  Pause to reflect on the achievement, and then set sites on 2007.   What are your big plans?

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  1. December 4, 2006 3:19 am

    Mark, other than the fact that I’ll be in China for the better part of next year, I don’t know what I want to do/work on, outside of work. Your post sparked my mind though…time to do some thinking. Thanks.

  2. December 4, 2006 1:47 pm

    The demands of work and life can really absorb our focus and it is so important to pull our heads out and take a look around at where we are. We might not want to miss an opportunity that is out there.

  3. December 4, 2006 4:21 pm

    I plan to finish the new house and decorate it with my own personal touches. The fireplace will be a good place to start. I relish the thought of the first “snow day” where we get to stay at home, relax by the fire in our comfy clothes, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies with no guilt!

  4. December 4, 2006 4:40 pm

    Formal education, type of job chosen, and where you settle down to make your home all shape the kind of opportunties that then present themselves. The nature of our lives comes from these opportunities. Periodically, its a good thing to compare your present reality against what you planned for yourself in the past. Are you on course, or do you need to adjust? Perhaps your off course from where you thought you were headed several years ago, but upon reflection, you like the new direction better. Perhaps you’ve become adrift – focusing only on the near term and have lost track of where you thought you were headed.


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