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Product Design

November 27, 2006

bath-waffle-001.jpg  Last week, Leslie and I decided that our new house needed a waffle iron while we were out shopping for shower curtains and other less glamorous items.   What distinguishes a product so much from it’s competition that you would eagerly pay twice the price?  Design.   Many companies are struggling with this, in pusuit of profits.  The tendancy is toward cost cutting,  commoditizing, in order to compete.   There were probably about 10 waffle irons to choose from, most were the square variety in combinationsof white or black plastic and chrome, with various slides and knobs.

The design of this Warring spoke to me.  It’s elegant, industrial and purposeful looking.   It’s made of heavy stainless steel that just screams quality.   The major innovative design point that distinguishes it from all the others was that the clam shell is round, and revolves.  This latter point is important in that ordinarily, the cooking batter must rise and come in contact with the lid of the traditional waffle makers, while this one benefits from gravity.   Throw in dirt simple on / off controls  and an audible beep to alert you when it’s time to retrieve your waffle, and you have a winning design.   A design that I happily paid more for.  Why?  Because I perceive that I got a unique and more valueable product.  

Companies should take note – stop building unimaginative “me too” products and do one thing really, really well.  

The marketplace will beat down your door to buy – the price is yours to set – within reason.

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  1. November 27, 2006 9:46 pm

    and it made a darn good waffle, if I do say so myself! : )

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