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Legacy tools

November 21, 2006

A couple weekends ago, Leslie and I traveled to her hometown to deliver a spare clothes dryer to her grandmother’s house. The dryer was a boon to her grandmother, who had been drying clothes via clotheslines in the back yard for decades, and the hot air dryer reduced an all day task down to a couple morning hours. She was delighted.

While there, I had my eye on an old Rockwell Delta cast iron table saw, and her grandmother suggested that I could take it with me, along with a joiner and a band-saw. It took 3 people and some help from the hydraulic wheel lift on the back of my truck to load the old iron.

I had some help unloading as well.sandford-son-004.jpg

sandford-son-008.jpgDuring clean up and closer examination, I found these cool green ID tags that showed the saw and planar had once been in the service of the USMC and had likely been sold as surplus many years ago.

So, these tools are a legacy from Leslie’s grandfather, and will sit alongside a belt sander that came from my paternal grandfather’s shop. Tools, like china and jewelry are often handed down over many generations, and serve families for many years. I particularly like tools, in that they can be used to create other family heirlooms.

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