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First night in the house

November 10, 2006

Last night was our first night, and it was a lot like camping with a roof. We set up our bed, the only piece of furniture in the bedroom, and perched the alarm clock atop a suitcase turned nightstand. Like campground tent camping, showering meant a trip to the bathhouse, in our case a schlep across the house to the downstairs guest bath. The master bath, still unfinished, mocks us as we pass through. No curtains, blinds or shades on any windows yet – good thing we are in the woods with no neighbors, streets, or traffic in proximity.

Truthfully, it was a little anti-climactic. After almost two years of hard work, this should have been the big pay off, but no trumpets sounded, and no red carpet unfurled. It was a little difficult to sleep – the silence was weighty. Absent background sounds, your ears tend to strain for anything and somehow begin to generate their own white noise. Have you ever experienced this? I’m sure as we get more furniture moved, and the last of the work areas cleaned up that it will feel a lot less sterile and more like home.

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