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Trying to move into this thing

November 8, 2006


Trying?  The house was ostensibly finished when we left for Jamaica over a month ago, so in theory we should have been ready to move in when we got back.   It’s been over a week since I packed up my apartment and moved it all into the dining room of the house.  Yup.  So, what’s the hold up?   Well it took a little doing to get the power turned on, a little debugging left to go (the office and front porch lights don’t work yet), the heat is up and running, replete with nifty touch screen thermostats.  The hot water even works – amazing.  The master bath is still incomplete – 330 square feet of slate tile.  Whose idea was that anyway?

Our new bed remains unassembled in a pile in the master, and the guest baths still lack mirrors, towel racks, or toilet paper holders.  For the last couple nights, we keep saying we are going to make the jump, and spend the first night in the house.  It’s rained, and we just haven’t felt like driving across the county.  Perhaps tonight will be it.   If we  do, we’ll be living out of a suitcase – no closet shelves or rod to hang things on.  It will be sort of camping, but short of pitching a tent in the living room.   I had no idea that all the little things could take up so much time.   Leslie’s parents were gracious enough to come back and help again this past weekend, and among other things got all the hardware on the kitchen and bath cabinets so we can open the doors and drawers without prying with our fingernails.

After almost 2 years of this being a construction site, it’s taking a while for me to get used to it being a residence.  I keep forgetting the plumbing works, I’m so used to hauling water in buckets from a hose outside.   And ‘indoor plumbing’ – well that’s a whole change in behavior to be sure.   Being able to plug into an outlet, or turn on a light instead of dragging extension cords and working with spotlights is taking some time to adjust to as well.   We used to buy bags of ice and keep sodas in a travel cooler in the garage – as of Saturday, we now have a ‘fridge.   It took us a little while to realize we could bring our soda inside.   It will probably really blow my mind when we can cook a meal instead of deciding where to go for dinner.

I’m sure looking forward to that.

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