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Moving out

October 30, 2006

I need to be out of my apartment by the end of the month, so Leslie and I started the move out process on Friday.  It had been a challenge to find a mover that would 1) show up, and 2) not charge more than my stuff is worth to move it.  Let me clarify, it’s a one bedroom apartment on the third floor, and I only wanted the couch, loveseat, 53″ TV and washer and dryer moved (all purchased with the new house in mind).   I’d take care of the rest.  I’d do it all, but I can’t carry those items myself, and I thought the apartment management would really nix the idea of setting up my crane in the parking lot and hoisting giant sofas and big screen TV from the third story balcony.  I entertained the thought briefly though.   Anyway, I bribed some younger friends to do the manly task of lugging down the furniture.   Leslie and I labored to just get the carpeted areas free of everything else because I scheduled a carpet cleaning crew for today – or rather she did.  It was needed – my cat has a nervous stomach at times, and my irregular feeding schedule for her over the last 3 years hasn’t helped matters very much.  The carpet bears all the battle scars, which were very much in evidence after the furniture, and boxes full of collected stuff were carted out.  How did I accumulate so much crap in three years?  It’s a one bedroom that’s maybe 600 square feet, and somewhere I initially planned to spend a year, eighteen months tops.  Several truckloads to the new house and about as much to the dumpster and I’m still not done.  Tonight’s it – gotta get the rest, then clean, polish, and primp the place back into shape so that the apartment complex doesn’t charge me a small fortune to make it habitable for the next person.  Have you seen their schedule of fees?   And you thought a $100 government hammer was expensive?

After we recover from this, we have her house to do – twice the size, and with a two car garage to boot!  I’m going to need a much bigger truck….

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  1. October 31, 2006 5:47 pm

    Yes, and with 4 years in my house, I’ve collected just as much “stuff” if not more. : (

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