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Holding my breath

October 2, 2006

I’m still having trouble getting perspective on all the things going on this week and find myself forgetting to breath.   I live in hope that today we’ll get our CO (Certificate of Occupancy), that elusive, and deperately sought after doccument that says it’s ok with the County for us to move in, and much more importantly, takes me a step closer to getting the bank off my back, and getting the last 10% of the construction funds that will allow me to pay my subs, and finish things up when we return next week.   We passed the building inspection, but there was a paperwork wrinkle with environmental services, and the wheels only turn so fast, as much of that organization is tied up with the onset of the State Fair.  If it weren’t for my personal feeling of crisis, I’d certainly agree with the priority.  I’ve badgered and cajoled about as much as I can, and I’m crossing fingers and hoping for the best.   This is especially tough, because I really like to have the illusion of control, and it’s decidedly out of my hands at present.

Next up, in 3 days, we are off to Jamaica to get married.  This still hasn’t sunk in for me because I’m still so absorbed in wrapping up this house project, which represents about 3 years of my life, plus the consumption of most of my liquid assets.   It’s been a challenge, and my fiance’, Leslie, has undertaken the challenge with me on the promise for our future.  I’m looking forward to officially commencing our time together, and our new start.   We’ve got to work out the logistics of combining her house, my apartment, and our new home, along with her two dogs, my cat, and the three cats out at our new home.

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