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Talent and Teamwork

August 31, 2006

Garry, my fiance’s father, refinishes furniture in his retirement.  Over the years he has developed quite a talent for turning garage sale fodder into stunning pieces that you just can’t buy in stores today. He has earned a solid reputation in the town in which he resides, and as testament to this fact, his waiting list is months, sometimes a year long.  People will wait for him, rather than go somewhere else.

Truly rags to riches for this table.

  furniture-065.jpg furniture-073.jpg

So, when it came time to finish the front doors on our new home, along with some of the other woodwork, Garry was a natural to call in.  I could see his confidence as Garry mixed the Polyurethane stain and set up his HVLP sprayer, assuming the lead role, and providing direction on setting up the doors to spray.  

While Garry, and his wife Elaine have graciously donated a lot of time to the project, and done everything from building window frames, to just cleaning up the mess, they appeared happiest working in areas where they really shine.  Isn’t that true for all of us? 

When thinking about aligning talent with team roles, we often tend to think in terms of sports coaches and their teams, putting the right talent in the right positions for the big payoff.  Think Stanley cup, World Series, or the Superbowl.  But the opportunity to do this informally is around us everyday, and the benefits in our personal relationships and results can be huge.

Whether in our teams at work, or fellowship at church, or perhaps other community organizations, we should ask ourselves, “What are we doing to create opportunities for those around us to shine? ” 


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