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Unlikely Think!(ing)

August 24, 2006

Ford Think 2002 Electric Car  Several posts ago, I was complaining about oil company profits, failure to adequately invest in infrastructure and refineries to help mitigate issues like impacts from hurricanes or the most recent pipeline issue with BP in Alaska.  The end goal being to provide me cheap gas to fuel my addiction.  Face it, I’m spoiled, and really addicted to the automobile, most notabily the Corvette.  I’ve had a few, and currently have a 405 Hp Z06, and an ’89 Z51 into which I’ve retrofitted a port fuel injected, heavily modified ‘454’ which should yield in the 500 hp range when complete.  So, it should be strange that I would consider an electric project. Given my tastes, the current crop of hybrids, and prior electrics are uninspiring to say the least.   Anyway, I thought about building an electric Corvette, likely retrofitting an ’84 model.  That’s my plan for sometime in the next 2 years once I get this house done.  So, how does the Ford Think! in the picture above figure into my story?  My friend, neighbor, and project collaborator has been doing service and upgrades on a Think! belonging to one of his buddies.  He has added larger wheels, a more powerful motor, upgraded batteries and control system, XM radio, CD player, and several other convenience modifications. It differs significantly from the stock one pictured above.  I got the opportunity to go on a couple mile test drive with the Think!, and was amazed at how well just 7 Hp was able to move us down the road at better than 35 mph.  It’s a neat vehicle, certainly not a car, but replete with seat belts and turn signals.  It’s road legal and I could see making good use of one in a high rise city, planned community, or small town to get around.  It certainly has made me Think! about plugging into alternatives. 

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  1. Donald Barsell permalink
    March 5, 2007 5:21 am

    Did you ever get around making that “electric corvette?” What will it’s capabilities be with today’s technology? Thanks

  2. March 6, 2007 3:48 pm


    Thanks for the interest – it’s going to be next year (’08) before I get to this one as it stands now. The house is generally done, but I’ve got to get my shop up and grandfathered in before zoning control passes from the county to a nearby town with big expansion plans. Once I’ve got my workplace, I can start more projects – too many sitting around in various stages of completion today. I’ve got to finish the ’89 project I mentioned in this original post – I plan to post on that shortly.

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