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August 22, 2006

Part of what I set out to do here with my own blog was to learn more about blogging in general, not only the technology, but the sociology and psychology behind online behavior of writers and readers.   While hardly a new phenomena, I’ve begun to follow some “A-listers” jabbing at one another with their formidable electronic wit.  Is this banter a conversation, a game of electronic “king of the hill”, or something more?  What constitutes  a  success in blogging?  A large readership?  A high degree of interactivity?  What are some of the earmarks of this?  Linking to and from other’s blogs – Perhaps that is what some of this sparring accomplishes as many have pointed out.  Perhaps it is having a lot of reader comments – that the audience has connected so well with the posting that they are compelled to comment.  Today, I ran across Mark Cuban’s blog and a prior entry on troublesome plastic packaging. At time of my posting here, he had an astounding 158 comments on this entry.  People really connected with this piece.  Of course, there were 875 comments to a prior entry before that. I’ll not go down the rathole of trying to find the blogger with the most comments, but I think it is worthy of consideration to see if one is saying something compelling enough to elicit a response.

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