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August 21, 2006

 august-house-updates-057.jpg As I mentioned in an earlier post, our adopted construction site Calico cat, “Miss Kitty” has had two kittens.   It has taken some weeks of effort to socialize the kittens around humans, through efforts by ourselves and the mother cat.  Initially, the kittens would retreat into a corner and hiss if we approached, but the mother would meow to them and coax them out.  She would demonstrate that we were safe, by calling the kittens out from hiding, and then rubbing against a leg, or curling up in a lap to be petted.   Over the last several weeks, the kittens have come out from under the house, making tentative forays up through a gap in some beams into the garage.  From their hiding places amongst tools and piles of materials in the garage, they have undertaken short excursions into the woods and back.  All the while, they have continued to nurse, and grow in size.  This week, the kittens have been introduced to canned food, and I expect will soon begin to be weaned.  It has been fascinating to watch; to really study how these animals communicate by sounds and example as behavior is learned. 

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  1. August 21, 2006 6:07 pm

    Mark’s house cat was a topic of conversation when she first appeared moths ago. mark would talk about bringing a can of food and setting it out, opened, to see if she would get used to him. Then, on weekends when I worked the site, she would come out and visit all of us working on the house. She was very friendly. Now that her kittens are around and about it is fun to ave her trot up to me and then call her children over. Mark is going to have quite a few pets when he finally moves in as he already has one cat and his wife-to-be is bringing her two dogs. The social life will be interesting!

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