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August Babies

August 17, 2006

It seems that August is the month for new births in my family circle.  First, my neighbors and close friends, the Morrison’s just became grandparents.  Then, I’m an uncle again as Micah Ervin (below) was born earlier this week.  Micah is the son of Jonathan and Davis Ervin, and Jonathan is my Fiancee’ Leslie’s brother.   I mention being an uncle “again”, as my own brother has two young sons, Joshua and Jacob.

baby-micah.jpg Then last in order, my cousin Jim and wife Tiffany in Florida just had their child this week.  They had a girl, Niah, (pictured below)

baby-niah.JPGI’m sure all the new parents are entering into a very exciting time – one full of baby “firsts” each day, and perhaps a malodorous diaper or two.  I’m looking forward to next year when things will be more settled and we will have the time to invest with family visits again – these last 12 months of hard work on the house have unfortunately made us fore-go a lot of quality time that we would otherwise have spent with family.

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