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Going the distance

August 3, 2006

My Fiance’, Leslie ran her first  1/2 marathon ( 13.1 miles for the rest of us) in April.   She had been training for this event with several of her friends for months, and had worked her way up to the distance.   The photo caption is of her nifty, music themed medal for completion. (The event was in Nashville, Tennessee)

 pics-for-blog-002.jpgOver those months of arduous training, I listened to her commentary about her upcoming runs, and breaking each mile barrier, 3 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, 12 miles.  Sometimes she would dread the upcoming run saying she just didn’t see how she was going to get through, yet she kept going.  Other times, she’d come back saying she had done 10 and had fuel left in the tank, and didn’t think 11 or 12 were going to be a problem at all.

A long run can be like a long project or quest if you will.  There are emotional stages that you go through.  I can’t catalog them all, and probably they vary by person, but it seems that one starts out optimistically,  gets worn down a little, feels dissolutionment looking at all the miles, or whatever the manner of measure of what is left to do.  Somehow we keep slogging through, and then after the 1/2 way, or 2/3 point, we get a second wind, or a lift when we realize it is shorter on to completion at the finish line than back to where we started.  Near the end, there is another boost as the goal is within sight and we spend all that we have left to make it there as fast as we can.  I wonder what she felt as each mile passed beneath her sneakers, as she shared most vividly her thoughts and feelings as the finish line came into sight.

We are running a marathon of sorts together now,  as we move into the final leg of this house project, the last 25%.   While much work remains ahead, it’s closer to see just past the sheetrock, cabinets and tile than it is looking back to when we were standing on bare dirt, holding mere drawings.  Almost time for that last sprint.

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