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Tuna and Chicken again?

July 31, 2006

pics-for-blog-001.jpg About a year ago, while we were building the foundation for our house, this calico cat first appeared.  She was skittish at first, but over the course of an hour, she slowly approached and made friends with us.  We didn’t see her again for several months and wondered what had become of her.  About 2 months ago, she returned, and I made a deal with her, that if she’d check in every day, I’d have a can of food for her.  Over the last month, she has become a regular fixture around the construction site and seems to know my footsteps in the house, and magically appears when she hears them.   A building inspector commented to me last week, “say, you know you have 3 cats under your house?”   Crawling under the house this weekend, my fiance’ and I found two small kittens hiding in the far corner of the house.  We sat under the house for a few minutes, and then the mother, “Miss Kitty”, for lack of something more creative, appeared in a foundation vent window and jumped down under the house.  She came over to visit us, and then after being appropriately rubbed and scratched,  meowed to her kittens, calling them out from the corner and settled down about six feet from us to groom and feed them.  I’ve never been around kittens and was intrigued by the whole mothering process, and how the cats seemed to really communicate.   Often, perhaps, we get so wrapped up in the trappings of our life, our jobs, our possessions, the events on TV, that we forget we are alive, and what that really means. 

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